Indra Dodi was born 1980, in sumatra, Lampung but His origin from padang (west sumatra). Indra Dodi received his training in art at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta (ISI). Indra Dodi’s works are like scribbles. On background often filled with streams of texts, Dodi paints everyday subjects freely with childlike, yet dynamic lines, as if he is looking at passers-by casually from a sidewalk cafe. The background texts are written with English alphabets, but most of the words are incomprehensible, except for few recognizable ones. It is not clear whether the texts are describing the figures, or the figures are illustrating the texts, as they blend together on one plane. Scrawled texts and figures drawn with naive calligraphy-like brushstrokes make Dodi’s works at once illustrated diaries and abstract paintings.
The way Dodi treats his creations is simple; he has to continuously spill out what is on his mind in his own ways. All human beings, not only artists, have desire for creation, andpainting is a very natural means to express this desire. Hence a painter than an artist better characterizes Dodi. His art is closer to abstraction than realistic, but viewers, curious of  the meanings behind the subjects on canvas, dream about the “behind story” of the paintings. Through his own modes of expression, Dodi attains freedom and succeeds in absorbing audience into a very personal pictorial space.

Artist Statement
I look at things from a different side of view or perspective. Each of my paintings is a message of rebelliousness. My painting is a way of speaking the reality, different from ordinary, or from my own perspective. Subjects of my works are all things around my everyday life: environment, village, stone, mountain, river, rain, cloud, party, love, drunk, women, child, land, spoken, alphabet, etc. We need to learn to close our eyes, and return to our childlike mentality to find the source of artistic creativity, which is our inner self-expression.